Still Waters Holistic Health Therapies
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"Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded."
- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

reikiTestimonials for Marnie Boccella, L.Ac.

"Before my first appointment with Marnie I had tried just about everything to relieve my newly-diagnosed seasonal asthma: I had seen my Family Doctor multiple times, had a chest X-ray to rule out pneunomia, had two albuterol breathing treatments and had been prescribed and taken three different antibiotics, two types of inhalers, a pill to help me stop coughing, and a prescription steroid! All this and I still could not breath feeely!I had never tried accupuncture but on the advice of a friend, I called Marnie. I thought, what did I have to lose? After one visit I felt relief. After two visits I stopped using the inhalers. And after the third visit I was 100% back-to-normal! I cannot thank Marnie enough and highly recommend her! "
- Teresa, Nurse

I began visiting Marnie to supplement other therapy in efforts to rehabilitate a right shoulder issue that developed after a bike accident a year ago. Since treatment began, I have noticed substantial improvement in my upper back and was impressed by Marnie’s attentive, professional and comforting style."
- John, Wharton Student

"I have found acupuncture to bring me to a very calm and centered place that I have never achieved as easily with yoga, massage or therapy.  I am not sure I can put into words the soothing calm I experience.  I have found Marnie’s style to be comfortable and easy to work with and shall be returning for more treatments soon."
- Dan/Psychologist 


Testimonials for Dan Johnson, NCTM

“I don't normally incorporate a maintenance type of massage into my daily life as a professional cyclist. It's normally just the basic post-event sports massage. However, recently, while racing Philly week, the team management hired Dan Johnson to work on the riders mid-week, between races. He did maintenance massages to help us with our recovery between races and also worked on each riders needs and ailments acquired from training and racing. For me, the work Dan did helped my legs recover, but more importantly, targeted other areas than the basic cycling muscle groups. I quite often have lower back pains, neck pain, and soreness in other areas from long hours in the saddle. These problems often affect my performance in races. He was able to work on these specific areas so that I could compete at my best. It was a very positive experience for our team and I would recommend it to other cyclists.”
- Dan Timmerman, Team Race Pro Cycling

“As an elite rower, I train 11-13 times a week, and put a severe strain on my body. Dan has been invaluable in helping me recover from a number of nagging injuries, and then, in helping me to stay healthy. While availing myself of the services of Dan, I made the United States National Rowing Team (2006, 2007) and recently won US Olympic Trials for 2008.”
- Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg

"I used to think of massage as 'pampering' and I would only get one a few times a year as a special treat to myself. When I started going to Dan regularly after an injury I learned so much more about the healing benefits of massage and I also learned so much more about my body thanks to his knowledge of physiology and kenesiology. Both Dan and massage therapy are now a regular part of my healthy lifestyle."
– Lisa Nutter


Testimonials for Debi Phillpotts, Vedic Bodyworker

"As sole proprietors of our soap business, seeing Debi on a weekly basis not only provides us with the stamina to work 12 hours a day seven days a week, our sessions are also an intrinsic part of our own personal health care system."
- Toni Daly and Dave Fischer/ Copa Soaps

"Not only do my sessions with Debi help relieve my physical distress with increasing and lasting effects every time I go, but her guidance has led me to realize and manage the effects of day to day stress that the mind has on the body."
- Dave Fox/ Tattoo Artist

"As a working mother, I look forward to my weekly sessions with Debi. Not only does it enable me to keep my focus on my home life, but gain a different perspective that I take into my own studio when working with my clients.”
- Elysabeth Gelesky/ Pilates Instructor